XM Gala Promotion from 3rd July to 15th November 2017, Gala Dinner in China, Gala Dinner in Malaysia, Gala Dinner in Thailand

XM Gala Promotion

For a limited time only, from 3rd July to 15th November 2017,

if you trade at least 5 standard round turn lots (or 500 micro round turn lots) on Forex and deposit at least $500 in your trading account(s) during any of the Promotional Periods you will be entering a raffle for a draw that offers a VIP experience to attend one of the Gala Dinners hosted by XM, as described below, with flight and accommodation covered by XM.

XM Gala Dinner in China
19th August 2017
Promotional Period: 3/07 – 3/08/2017

XM Gala Dinner in Malaysia
14th October 2017
Promotional Period: 3/08 – 15/09/2017

XM Gala Dinner in Thailand
2nd December 2017
Promotional Period: 15/09 – 15/11/2017